TRAMARK Präsentationswagen als Verkaufsdisplay für hochwertige Mode

Visual merchandising with display carts

Seduce your customers with the Tramark display cart!

Product presentation is more important more than ever. Due to online shops the regional stores must compete in an almost impossible way of pricing politics. It’s much easier to order things from your personal computer at home and just send back the goods you don’t like so the point of sale (POS) is in a difficult situation. If the visual merchandising is successful customers are more willing to spend more and more time in stores which increases the income of the local traders.

Create a shopping experience

With the TRAMARK display cart it’s easy to create a wonderful shopping experience for your customers. Because of his mobility you can always decide where your market cart will be used and also how it’s going to be used. A static display?! That’s yesterday’s news! Put your products in the center of attention, celebrate new releases or just attract customers with special discount campaigns.
The TRAMARK market cart is a rollable display for every occasion and every event which gives you a flexible instrument for your own store set-up.
With his solid tires TRAMARK display cart is perfect for small and big events in front of your store as well so you can arrange a small welcoming for your loyal customers for example and it will be an absolute success. Create a great shopping experience and your customers not only feeling good… they will definitely come back!

That’s how you succeed at displaying goods in a proper way!

Mobile Warenpräsentation mit einem TRAMARK Marktwagen vor dem Geschäft

Hochwertige Lederwaren auf einem TRAMARK Verkaufswagen Prestige


There are many forms of visual merchandising. The TRAMARK display cart as a rollable store display will support you finding new customers or expand your brand awareness.
We will help you with that!