Useful information & care instructions

Dear customers,

The following tips and principals are for every product regarding the trademark TRAMARK.

TRAMARK is a word combination for traditional market carts and it is a mobile decoration cart for presenting all kind of things, plants, or consumable products. It can be used as a buffet cart on events or in restaurants and hotels. Designed primarily for indoor usage, you can also use them for outdoor events but for this case, there are things you need to know so you will have a long-lasting display cart.

Please note that wood is a natural product so it will be still working inside for all time. Cracks can appear and especially if used outside due to the influence of the weather. This is not a warranty case.

All parts are handmade and must be seen as a unique item, so there can be slight differences. Visible weld seams are a part of our carts and they represent the charm of our products. The drillings in the chassis frames can be slightly different (mostly just a millimetre) which can cause wobbling wheels since the bearing is not in a 100% centre position. This does not have any effect on things such as stability, mobility or the usage of our carts.

A complaint due to the reasons given above is only valid if it is an obvious and elementary mistake; otherwise, the goods can only be returned at consignee’s expense and risk.

We wish you a lot of joy and fun with your TRAMARK presentation cart.