Vintage retro cart in worn look

Choose the vintage looking display cart with a choice of 5 chassis variations

The high-quality mango wood panel in a vintage look lends this TRAMARK display cart its extraordinary market cart charm. The coarse and lively grain of the high-quality mango wood panel is emphasized by the vintage finish. As befits a classic market cart, the TRAMARK market cart in “VINTAGE” effect attracts attention in every surrounding.
This is how the extraordinary presentation cart puts your goods in the spotlight and attracts both customers and visitors. With a load capacity of up to 100 kg you have a practical, reliable and attractive companion by your side with the presentation display cart.



A display retro cart with style in details

High quality Mango wood in a vintage look

The Mango wood for the Vintage TRAMARK display cart is varnished and reworked with different colours. As a result, the coarse natural structure of the wood comes into its own. Each wood construction has its own vintage look. Every display cart from this model series is unique.


Material and characteristics

  • High quality mango wood
  • Vintage look
  • Water repellent
  • Edge fittings made of metal and painted black with intentional slight signs of wear


All wood structures are available in 3 sizes: Width: 170 cm x Depth: 75 cm|97 cm|110 cm

The bases of the TRAMARK market cart

The bases of the display cart are forged from robust metal with beautiful curves, made by hand.
The wheels are equipped with solid rubber tyres and are thus maintenance-free.

The chassis are available in black, red, gold, copper and white finishes.


We deliver the chassis of the market cart to match the size of the wooden structure:
Height: 72 cm Width: 150 cm
Depth: 65 cm
for wooden structures 75 cm deep
Depth: 90 cm for wooden structures 97 & 110 cm deep
For individual orders of the chassis, please make sure that you combine the base with the appropriate structure. The wide base frame is intended for wooden structures from a depth of 97 cm.
Included in delivery is a sturdy hand-made manual wooden brake block. This prevents the display cart from rolling away by fixing the brake block to any wheel of the cart both inside and outside.

Roof Attachment

The roof attachment structure protects your products against rain. The roof covers for the roof attachment of the TRAMARK market cart are available in robust PVC or awning fabric in various colours.

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Shelf attachments

Bring your products to eye level with a shelf attachment for your market cart. Simply add an additional level to your market cart to display more merchandise.

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Sizes and dimension of the market cart

The TRAMARK cart is available in 3 sizes. It is delivered disassembled for easy storage, with separate packaging for the wooden structure as well as the chassis. The TRAMARK market cart is easy to assemble in just 15 minutes.