The 3-wheel cart – The brand new display cart

Choose your favourite – Classic or Empire with a choice of 3 chassis variations.

Fancy and totally unique the 3 wheel display cart is about to become your newest eyecatcher. Indoor, outdoor or for any kind of events. The 3 wheel presentation cart is a perfect addition to the TRAMARK family and offers you an individual way of shop fitting and a classy new way of getting attention.

Easy to assemble and rollable, the 3 wheel presentation cart will offer you an attractive space to present your goods indoor and outdoor.


The Chassis is fitted with one small and two bigger wheels including a solid rubber. Robust processing and a rough welding. Available in black, white or golden color.
You can either choose a colorless lacquered mango wooden plate or in the Empire version a white presentation surface made of MDF.

“Classic” – natural mango wood

“Empire” – from white MDF



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A display cart with style and details.

CLASSIC – high quality mango wood in a natural look

A typical aspect of mango wood is it’s rought wooden structure and the classy grain. Only covered with a colorless lacquering the wooden plate stays natural, solid and beautiful at the same time. Small scratchmarks on the metal parts can appear. They are part of our carts and emphasize the traditional charm.


Material and characteristics

  • High quality mango wood
  • Natural
  • Lacquer: colorless
  • Edge fittings made of metal, painted black with slight traces of wear
  • Dimensions HxWxD: 5 cm x 125 cm x 70 cm



EMPIRE – White elegance on MDF

Simple, sturdy and made from long-lasting MDF the Empire plate confer lightness, elegance and a touch of class. Easily to clean with a wet towel.


Material and characteristics

  • MDF
  • Lacquer: three layer coating, white, smooth surface
  • Dimensions HxWxD: 5 cm x 125 cm x 70 cm


The bases of the TRAMARK 3 wheel cart

The bases of the display cart are forged from robust metal with beautiful curves, made by hand. Visible weldings are intended. They are part of our carts and emphasize the traditional charm. The wheels are equipped with solid rubber tyres and are thus maintenance-free.

The chassis are powder-coated in black, white or golden color.


The 3 wheel chassis are available in only one size:
H: 72 cm x W: 82 cm x D: 63 cm
For shipping the chassis will be folded to reduce the packing size to
H: 70 cm x B: 88 cm x D: 71 cm.
For safety reasons a metal bracket is fixed to the front wheel and to the back of the large wheels to secure the car. A wooden brake block is also included. This prevents the display cart from rolling away.

Shelf attachment to match your 3 wheel display cart

Messeimpressionen 3 Rad Marktwagen

Shelf attachment “Würfel”

The shelf attachment „Würfel“ comes along with a set of two tables. Those tables are perfectly fitting on top of the 3 wheel display cart. You can either use it as a reck on top of the table or you expand your presentation space to the side.
Note: The white wooden top is made of MDF.

Dimensions HxWxD (assembled): 61 cm x 51 cm x 34 cm | 66 cm x 55 cm x 41 cm

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