2-wheel table – The charming eyewash

Choose your favorite – Classic or Empire wooden plate combined with 3 different bases colours.

Made in the typical and classy TRAMARK look the modern table is an excellent addition to our mobile carts. Quadratic = practical = good! The 2-wheel table will convince everyone and can be used even in the smallest room. The TRAMARK 2-wheel table offers you an attractive space to


display your goods everywhere in your shop. Due to its new shelf attachment you will have many interesting possibilities to make your display unique. Please note that even though it has two wheels our TRAMARK 2-wheel table is not mobile anymore.

“Classic” – made from natural mango wood

“Empire” – Mango wood in a timeless white



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A goods table with style and details

High-grade mango wood in a natural look or with a white finishing.

Rough structures and a clear grain are characteristic for mango wood. Simply covered with a natural and colourless lacquering those our wooden plates will fascinate just with its sturdiness and authenticity. Whoever prefers a cleaner and simpler look will definitely go for the mango wooden plate with white finishing. But please note that of course our white wooden plates are more vulnerable for stains and dirt.


Material and characteristics

  • High-grade mango wood
  • Natural, colourless or lacquered with white color
  • Wooden structure is clearly visible


Each table top is available in three different sizes: 5 cm x (Width x Depth): 80 cm | 90 cm | 100 cm


78 x 80 x 80 cm 78 x 90 x 90 cm 78 x 100 x 100 cm

The bases of the TRAMARK 2-wheel table

DThe bases of our display tables are made from solid metal which is welded together in the typical X-shape. The rough welds are intentional. They are a part of our carts and emphasize the traditional charm. The wheels are equipped with solid rubber tires and can be rotated.

The bases are available in black, gold and white finishes.


The bases of the TRAMARK 2-wheel table comes in one size:
Hight: 73 cm x Width: 75 cm x Depth: 70 cm
The X-base frame is pre-assembled in individual parts. The tires can be rotated so the characteristics of traditional market carts remain unchanged.
We point out the possibility of injury. Liability is excluded.

Table attachment to match your 2-wheel table

Table attachment “Quadrat”

Square and practical can be stacked high with the table attachment “Quadrat”. Optionally, the table extension can also be used next to the 2-wheel table as a side table. This shelf attachment is compatible with all display carts from the TRAMARK line Classic and Empire.

Dimensions HxWxD (assembled): 70 cm x 70 cm x 50 cm | 80 cm x 80 cm x 50 cm

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