Classic Marktwagen mit Tischaufsatz in einem Supermarkt

Market atmosphere in the supermarket

Fresh and innovative ideas right in your store

The challenge for every trader is the process of finding new and creative ideas to present their goods in a perfect way no matter in which kind of business. This is even more hard when it comes to a supermarket. Sweets as an example must be placed in a certain way the supplier will support. So we have to find a way to highlight our own products from others to exceed the expectations of the customer.

For product placements it’s quite relevant to tell a good story. EDEKA for example is a leading company for very good commercials in the food branch and this is a very effective way to stay in touch with their customers.

Nowadays traders looking for new methods of taking displays to a new level. In our example the TRAMARK market cart is used as a display for fruits, exquisite wines and oils. It creates a truly market atmosphere which suggests a feeling of fresh products and a trustworthy sales politics. The market cart as a display is changeable like nothing else. Today you can display fruits and vegetables and tomorrow you can use it for a tasting of regional products around your area. For the next week you can display some sweets or other deli.

Matching for every season the TRAMARK market cart will be a very special small island in every shop. A picture, an association or just a nice memory and your customers are more willing to buy something. With a nice set-in it’s much easier to increase your sales in an elegant way.

Many thanks to EDEKA Klamka!