TRAMARK Marktwagen Empire als Buffetwagen zum Frühstück

M – like mobile tables

Mobile tables for every opportunity.

Tables no matter which kind are an absolute must have on every event no matter if it’s small or big. They are used to present things or just to place every kind of goods and they are meant to be a center point for conversations or just for having a rest while watching what’s happening around.

Our tables are different but they still fulfill most of those attributes. They don’t have four legs but four big wheels with a solid rubber and of course you can push them from point A to point B. Our mobile table is a traditional pushcart. Those are available in 20 different variations. If you’re interested in it just keep on reading.

Weddings & Parties

With the unique look those mobile tables are perfect for candy bars such as buffets and every kind of theme parties you can imagine. Also as a Gin- or cocktail bar the push cart will create an extravagant atmosphere. On our mobile table there is enough space for glasses, drinks and snacks which makes it to a great place for gathering people.

Exhibitions & events

A large benefit of the TRAMARK market cart is his potential usage so no matter what kind of goods our customers wants to present our mobile table will cover all those needs due to his different combinations. Used as a powerful eyecatcher the pushcart first attract the attention because of his unique look but if the customer comes closer the only thing that matters are displayed goods. It can simply represent high-grade goods in an elegant way or just create a rustic atmosphere and if you would like to enlarge the display space you can just easily adjust a shelf attachment top on it which looks just great.


If we should explain our mobile tables in just one word it simply would be “multifunctional” push carts took a large place in the past and they were used on any kinds of markets as a sales object and of course to generate money. Without any effort they convey history and an insight to the past.

Worth knowing

Our mobile tables are designed in a modular method of construction. All of them are 170 cm long but depending to the sizes of your door they are available in the depth of 75, 97 and 110 cm. You can easily dismantle them into two small boxes if you need the space for something else.


Schaubild Marktwagen mit Abmaße


For what kind of event would you use a mobile table / pushcart and which colour do you prefer the most?